What We're About

My Direct Direct Democracy is a mobile App dedicated to letting your opinion be heard on important issues. You tell us what you think, we tell your politicians, if they don't follow the will of their constituents, we tell the world.

Let Your Representative Know What You Think

My Direct Democracy members in the UK and Australia can vote on all bills before their National or Federal Governments in both houses. We then sort the votes by constituency and let your representative know which way you'd like them to vote. You will also be able to see how many people voted with you once you've voted.

Provide Answers on the Important Topics of the Day

My Direct Democracy contains a number of questions relevant to your life, our society and the way we live. A number of these are on subjects that we often don't like to discuss in public, but we do need to address. Answer as many or as few as you like, change your mind, and see how many others agree with your position.

Completely Anonymous and Always Free

We will never ask you for information which could be used to identify you. We don't require your email address or your name and we will never ask you for money - the service is, and always will be, free.